About Scott Babcock



I’m a creative guy based in Seattle who dabbles in broadcast editorial, corporate marketing and product videos, and still photography of people/places/structures.

My career in video started as an audio recordist and videographer at Microsoft. I began editing basic projects and was quickly hooked on editing. While I continued to shoot and do audio on shoots (and being a one-man-band on shoots), eventually editing became my main focus.

After a multitude of gigs, some full-time corporate and many freelance, I landed with a production company in Seattle as a freelance editor on several shows and development projects. I worked on Hoarders on A&E for eight seasons plus spinoffs Hoarders: Family Secrets and Hoarders: Overload, Murder-In-Law (Lifetime), Sell This House (A&E), Escaping the Prophet (TLC), Biography, Ingenious Minds (TLC). For other production cos, editor on Top Gear America (History), Blood and Oil (Discovery), Bringing Up Bates (UP).

Why editing? I’m attracted to the craft of editing, to the push-and-pull of the creative process of getting the most out of a story, scene, interviews and broll. I like finding that killer music cue and cutting it up so it works just right. It’s not always easy. Sometimes what comes back from the field isn’t exactly complete or ideal, for whatever reason and challenges the production team had to deal with. Then it’s up to me (and a writer, if one is involved) to come up with creative solutions, like solving a puzzle. This is where I find flow. I also find it in photography.

I’ve been shooting headshots and portraits for several years, with both studio strobes and natural light. While I do love ‘gear’ it’s the fascination with light, composition and expression that truly keep me hooked.

But I’m not just about work. I’m also a husband and a father, a volleyball and cheer dad, and a dog owner. I’m drawn to the beauty of the outdoors and care about protecting it. I’m a lifelong fan of the arts and also a musician.